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Identity cards

How to apply for an ID card at the Embassy:




  • You must be resident in the UK. If you are registered in Luxembourg, we will ask to deregister by contacting your local commune and re-register as a UK resident via the Luxembourg Embassy in London
  • Please complete and sign the enclosed application form.Please note that married women MUST sign their application form in their maiden name
  • You need a valid Luxembourg identity card or a valid Luxembourg passport as proof of nationality.
  • If you have neither, then a ‘certificat de nationalité’ will be required (please contact the Service Indigénat, L-2934 Luxembourg, Tel. 00 352 247 84 5 32  / email ).
  • One passport size photograph (45 mm x 35 mm). The photo must comply with the standards set by the ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization). The photo should be recent, in colour, of good quality, shot frontally, mouth closed, 70% to 80% of which are occupied by the facial image itself. Please refer to enclosed matrix for further help.
  • Two utility bills as proof of residence in the UK (except for students who need a registration letter from their UK university)
  • If married, a marriage certificate
  • If applying for a minor (i.e. under 18 years of age), a birth certificate and declaration signed by the parents that the minor lives with them. However, if the parents are divorced or separated, a copy of the legal document relating to the separation or divorce showing that the child resides with the parent countersigning the child’s application form
  • A proof of bank transfer for the Identity Card fee or proof of online payment:


ID card taxes

       EUR 34 for an ID card with a validity period of 10 years for young people over 15 years of age and adults;

       EUR 30 for an ID card with a validity period of 5 years for children between 4 and 15 years of age;

       EUR 25 for an ID card with a validity period of 2 years for children under 4 years of age.




B.P. 1111, L-1011 Luxembourg


IBAN: LU44 1111 7028 7715 0000


Please ensure that the surname and name of the applicant are on the bank transfer. Applicants may also pay for their ID cards online .


Once you are ready to make an appointment, please call the Embassy on 020 7235 6961.


If there have been any changes in circumstances (i.e. marital status or address), please contact the Embassy before your ID card application.


Refund in case of an erroneous transfer

In case of an erroneous transfer, a refund may be requested in writing (letter, email ) to the helpdesk of The request must include an explanation, a copy of the bank transfer as well as an account number (IBAN and BIC) and the name of the account holder.


Returning an ID card

When renewing an ID card, the old card must be returned to the communal administration of the place of residence or to the eID applications service of the Government IT Centre or to a diplomatic or consular mission in order to be invalidated.

The same applies in the case of loss of the Luxembourg nationality.

Loss, theft or destruction of the ID card

The loss, theft or destruction of an ID card must be reported as soon as possible to the police and to the administration. Please contact the Embassy.