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"Duo Rosa" Showcase at the Institut Français in London on 21 May 2019

Published Thursday May 09 2019

Stephany Ortega, a Luxembourgish soprano singer, together with Belgian pianist Lena Kollmeier, form the “Duo Rosa” ( ). They will be part of a showcase that will take place on May 21st at the Institut Français in London. The duo will present their new album “American Soul: from Broadway to Paris” that is to be released worldwide on May 17th by the German record label Hänssler Classic. The showcase will be organised by Parisian agency “ALTO: Solutions artistiques”, together with the French export bureau and with the support of  Wallonie-Bruxelles International and music:LX from Luxembourg. At the end of the showcase, an exchange with the public will take place.

For further information and tickets, please find below the following link:.