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Luxembourg “” deployed in the Caribbean after Hurricanes Irma and Maria

Published Wednesday December 06 2017 satellite telecommunications kits were deployed by the Luxembourg Government to offer support in Dominica and Saint Martin following Hurricanes Irma and Maria. Four volunteers travelled to the region to assist with the deployment, before returning to Luxembourg on 27 September. Read more by clicking here . is a mobile, satellite-based, telecommunications platform, created to re-establish communication (internet, phone) after a disaster, to support the coordination efforts of humanitarian organisations in the field and to contribute to saving lives during humanitarian emergencies. is a public-private partnership between the Luxembourg Government and three Luxembourg companies (SES Techcom Services, Hitec Luxembourg and Luxembourg Air Ambulance S.A.). Luxembourg provides the services as a free global public good to the humanitarian community. The same services are also offered to the population and the governments of the affected countries.

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