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Dear friends of Luxembourg,

It is a great pleasure to welcome you to our website. The Embassy of Luxembourg in London is at your disposal to answer your questions and to direct your enquiries to the appropriate authorities in Luxembourg.

Amb Londres[1]

The Embassy in London is located at 27 Wilton Crescent, London SW1X 8SD, in the building that was home to the Luxembourg Government in exile during WW2. The Embassy in London is also the address of the Luxembourg Embassy in Ireland and the Luxembourg Embassy in Iceland, as the Ambassador is accredited to all three countries.

As the result of its history, geographical location and its population, Luxembourg is a multicultural and multilingual country. The languages spoken in Luxembourg are: Luxembourgish, French and German as well as other languages including English, Portuguese, Italian and Dutch.

The Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg has continuously based its foreign policy on multilateral co-operation both at the regional level as well as at the global level. The country became fully independent in 1839 and is a founding member of the United Nations, the European Union, NATO, the OECD, the Council of Europe and the OSCE.

Luxembourg is located in the heart of Europe between France, Germany and Belgium and has a lot to offer visitors. Its landscape ranges from the hills of the Ardennes in the North, to the vineyards along the banks of the Mosel River, passing through rich agricultural land and picturesque villages as well as more industrialized zones. The country is a paradise for cyclists and hikers.

The old town of the City of Luxembourg is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The City also boasts several museums and cultural institutions.

We hope that you will have the opportunity to visit soon.